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Die Strohhütte!

„Bon jour Monsieur“ schallt es mir laut entgegen. Danach herrscht Stille. Noch ist es dunkel. Während ich leicht nach vorne übergebeugt im Raum stehe, die Decke hängt zu tief, als dass ich aufrecht stehen könnte, passen sich meine Augen der Umgebung an. Der etwa 15m² große Raum ist durch alle Reihen gefüllt mit Kindern zwischen […]

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Moslems und Christen. Junge und Alte. Männer und Frauen.

Moslems und Christen. Junge und Alte. Männer und Frauen. Eine sympathische Konstellation. Doch wenn es ums Geld geht – sind sie alle gleich. Nach ein paar Tagen in Dakar und zwei vorherigen Tagen Anfahrt, war es Zeit in den Süden zu fahren und sich in der Natur bei guten Wellen zu entspannen. Doch bevor ich […]

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This is how you (not) surf the best riverwave in the world.

This is how you (not) surf the best riverwave in the world. After two days of driving pretty much straight the entire day, from Windhoek crossing the Caprivi and the border to Zambia, I arrived in Livingstone. Somewhere around here I was supposed to find someone that could take me to the infamous riverwave, which […]

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“Yep, Okey!” (in English)

“Yep, Okay!” And now!?  Everything is gone! Everything that I had saved up for; car, camera, laptop, clothes, surfboards ….only my wallet remains in my pocket. For years I had been dreaming of travelling through Africa; getting to know the true face of that mysterious and apparently dangerous and hostile continent. Furthermore, I wanted to […]

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A Day in Life (in English)

The light glistening, the sun just above the horizon, we leave surrounded by the matunital magic of the Sahel. In my passenger seat Mohammed, the twelve year old boy was all by himself in Bankass, a small city in the northwest of Mali. Therefore I decided to take him with me on the journey. When […]

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The Heat

If the hobbit was filmed in a dry environment, it would have been here, in the Eastern part of Senegal the traditional building methods become more and more dominant. However, in Mali they replace concrete, steel and corrugated rooftops entirely. A wooden fence encircles the village, which is nothing but twigs sticking out of the […]

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More beautiful photos from my trip

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